Number: 1830
Title: FDP crashed on splines to compound
Submitter: Christopher Oezbek
Date: Mon Dec 14 06:39:12 2009
Subsys: Fdp
Version: 2.26
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: major
Running FDP using both splines and overlap removal will crash

dot.exe -Kfdp -Goverlap=false -Gsplines=compound

Running with -v will print as the last couple of lines:

Adjusting cc_dg_0+0 using Voronoi
Node separation: add=1 (4.000000,4.000000)
Number of iterations = 7
Number of increases = 4
end G
Edge separation: add=1 (3.200000,3.200000)

Thanks for the great software! Christopher

graph G {
  subgraph cluster0 {
Comments: I work around the problem by disabling splines (which do work on some files with compound)
Owner: erg
Status: *