Number: 1824
Title: dot files processed with dot, using -Tdia option, lose their arrows in dia
Submitter: Yves McDonald
Date: Fri Nov 27 23:11:21 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20.2
System: x86-Linux-kernel 2.6.31 (Ubuntu)
Severity: minor
Here's my user story:

I'm performing software model checking with SPIN and Promela. The tool I'm using (spinSpider) generates automata graphs with Dot.

However, some of the edges were not looking very good so I tried to convert a Dot graph into Dia file format. It would be possible for me to edit some of odd-looking graphs manually.

Here's the command I used:

dot -Tdia -o cooker.dia

Surprise! no arrow heads... I tried a bitmap format (png): worked fine. I tried a vector-based format (svg): worked fine too.

A correct Dia file would have been great for manual editions of graphs prior to showing them off in a term paper.

Thanks for reading this,


(the file I'm processing is the control panel of the controller module of an hypothetical rice cooking device: my teacher must enjoy eating rice :) .
Input file:
Output file: b1824.dia
Comments: Ah yes, I'm using Dia v.0.97.
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