Number: 1774
Title: dot fail
Submitter: Vitaly
Date: Wed Sep 23 06:34:50 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.24.0 (20090616.2323)
System: x86-Windows-xp sp2
Severity: minor
Problem: dot.exe -v -Tpng -o"PE.png" -Kdot PE
digraph pe_file{
	node [shape=record];
	subgraph main {
		color = hotpink;
		Dos_header[label="{MZ signature|<f0> offset to pe}"];
		PE_header[label="{<PH> Signature Bytes|Machine|Num of Sections|Timedate stamp|Pointer to Symbol Table| Number of symbols| Size of optional header| Characteristics}"];
		NT_HEADER[label="{Magick| Link Minor| Link Major| Size of Code| Size of Init Data| Size of UninitData| Entry Point Rva| Base Of Code| Base Of Data| ImageBase| Object Align| FIle Align| { Os Major| Os Minor }| {User Major | User Minor }|{SubSys Major | SubSys Minor} | Reserved| ImageSize| Header Size| File CheckSum | SubSystem|<Flags_Values>Dll Flags|Stack Reserve Size| Stack Commit Size| Heap Reserve Size| Heap Commit Size|Loader Flags|<last>Num of Rva And Sizes}"];
		Sections[label="{<first> name | Virtual Size|Virtual Address|Size of Raw Data| Pointer to relocation| PointerToLinenumbers| NumberOfRelocations| NumberOfLinenumbers|Characteristics }"];
		Object_directories[label="{{RVA|SIZE}|<Exprot_table> Export Table|Import Table| Resorse Table | Exception Table | Security Table| Base Relocation table| Debug Table| ImageDescription| Machine Specific| TLS| Load Config| Bound Impotr | IAT| Delay import |Com Descriptor|<last> RESERVED}"];
		{rank = same; "Dos_header"; "PE_header";}
	Dos_header:f0->PE_header:PH[label="file offset"];
Owner: *
Status: *