Number: 1764
Title: No link on image filled nodes
Submitter: Pierre Ducrot
Date: Thu Sep 10 18:16:02 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.24.0
System: x86-OSX-10.5
Severity: minor

I display nodes filled with images, I'd like to have link on nodes to an URL to make it interactive. With text nodes, URL link is acive, but with image node it's not.

I'm using SVG for the display. Please feel free to take a look here: it take a few seconds for the graph to show up. Input graph:
[erg] The file you submitted with the bug report doesn't appear to have any node with both image and URL attributes, so it wouldn't exhibit the problem you describe. It would be helpful if you sent us a small graph causing the problem, and the svg output produced so we could use these in checking the problem.

I put together my own small example, ran it through graphviz 2.24 and the links were there.
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