Number: 1752
Title: Loops from se to sw are incorrect
Submitter: Michael Spiegel
Date: Tue Aug 25 14:46:18 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.25.0
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
Problem: A directed edge from vertex A to vertex A appears to be working with ports for all the cardinal directions except for "se" to "sw". In this case, a loop is drawn that wraps around the entire node. The dot input is a simple example that highlights the incorrect behavior in this case.
digraph Simple {
	 x1 [shape=box,height=0.5,width=0.5];
	 x2 [shape=box,height=0.5,width=0.5];
	 x3 [shape=box,height=0.5,width=0.5];
	 x4 [shape=box,height=0.5,width=0.5];
	 x1 -> x1[dir=both,headport=sw,tailport=nw];
	 x2 -> x2[dir=both,headport=ne,tailport=nw];
	 x3 -> x3[dir=both,headport=sw,tailport=se];
	 x3 -> x3[dir=both,headport=se,tailport=sw];
	 x4 -> x4[dir=both,headport=ne,tailport=se];
Owner: *
Status: *