Number: 1740
Title: shapefile have no width/height
Submitter: Lar Kunert
Date: Mon Aug 10 08:19:06 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.16
System: x86-Linux-
Severity: major
I updated from version 2.6 to 2.16

I use graphviz to create graphs of graphs. First I use neato, to create several small graphs. Then I use dot, to create a big graph, using the postscript-files of the small graphs as custom shapefiles.

using version 2.6 edges from a lower level of the graph end below the included shapefiles

using version 2.16 edges from a lower level of the graph cross the included shapefile

it look like the size of the shapefile is ignored
Input file:
Output file:
[erg] Version 2.16 is almost two years old. We currently deprecate using shapefile and shape=epsf. Instead, there is the image attribute available to all polygonal nodes. You can combine this with shape=none and label="" to get what you want.
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