Number: 1737
Title: Cluster reference link unrecognize
Submitter: Aurelien Tran
Date: Mon Aug 3 22:46:52 2009
Subsys: Output generation
Version: 2.24.0
System: *-Windows-XP
Severity: major
Graphviz does not recognize the name of the cluster. Instead of linking two cluster in the attach example, it create two new node named clusterA and clusterB which are link together.

It does the same error for the Graphviz Undirected Graph Clusters example

digraph G {
  subgraph clusterA { a -> b }
  subgraph clusterB { c -> d }
# No problem for the following
  a -> c
# !!ERROR!! create two new linked node instead of linking the cluster
  clusterA -> clusterB
Full version number: dot - graphviz version 2.24.0 (20090616.2323)

Same error with this example : *

[erg] Only fdp supports compound graphs, i.e., graphs with first-class edges with cluster "vertices". This is on our to-do list but it is unclear when it will be implemented.

One can use the attributes compound, lhead and ltail to emulate this.
Owner: *
Status: Request