Number: 1655
Title: No Output File Produced
Submitter: David Cohen
Date: Tue Jun 2 21:34:28 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.23.20090527.0445
System: *-*-*
Severity: major
Command line: dot.exe -Tsvgz -O -Kdot gvbackup.out -v >> dot.out (PATH="C:Program FilesGraphviz2.23bin";...)

Both with the GUI and the command line I receive no output file and no error. The input file is quite large.

The last stdout output is:

mincross A: 751376 crossings, 1239.56 secs.
network simplex:  598956 nodes 900182 edges maxiter=2147483647 balance=2

From the GUI the console shows:

xecuting->C:Program FilesGraphviz2.23bin\dot.exe  -Tsvgz -o"C:Documents and Settingscohend3DesktopPERFbackupfdp_drawing_from_backup_out_type_backup_iterations_2gvbackup.svgz" -Kdot
dot has created C:Documents and Settingscohend3DesktopPERFbackupfdp_drawing_from_backup_out_type_backup_iterations_2gvbackup.svgz sucessfully.

But the file does not exist.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Dave Cohen
[erg] Given the trace output, dot got into the node positioning phase and never finished. With 598956 nodes and 900182 edges, the optimization problem will take a long time. Since your report seems to imply that the program "finished", I can only assume that Windows has some resource limits, such as CPU time, dot exceeded them and got kicked out. (At least, this would be the case on Unix systems.) On the other hand, I would have expected an error message, or a bad return value so that GVedit would not report success.

[david] Nothing in the Windows event log. In watching the Windows Task Manager I can tell you that during the run, dot.exe uses 50% of the CPU for about a half an hour until the memory usage climbs to about 500,000 K. I am trying to render in dot output, and then I will run again with the neato engine to see if we can pair down closer to where the problem is.

[north] 750,000 edge crossings?

It's not likely to be very readable, unfortunately.

[david] I'd like to see one complete - I can worry about readability next.

[north] With graphs that size you really might find it a lot easier to use command line tools.

I'd suggest using a Unix-type system as well instead of Windows, though technically Windows should work OK. I do think that some versions of Windows get into real trouble when they hit a resource limit, e.g. start swapping. (Linux has its problems too.)

I wonder how you will be viewing a 600,000 node graph. Are the nodes labeled? If you had a 600,000 word document, could you display it as one page?
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