Number: 1647
Title: Access Violation while rendering graph
Submitter: Youra
Date: Fri May 8 13:06:06 2009
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.22.2
System: x86-Windows-2003 server
Severity: critical
Problem: Bug was introduced after version 2.15
Input file:
[erg] What error message are you getting? Are you running dot in a command shell or using gvedit? Are you really running 2.22, or 2.22.2? The latter contains some patches which might address your problem.

Unhandled exception at 0x10033fa8 in dot.exe - 0xC0000005 - Access violation reading location 0x004e8000.

10033FA4 mov esi,dword ptr [eax] 10033FA6 mov edx,esi 10033FA8 cmp dword ptr [edx],ebx 10033FAA je 10033FBA 10033FAC add ecx,1

stack tracceback gvc.dll!10033fa8() [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for gvc.dll] gvc.dll!10034530() gvc.dll!100324ba() gvc.dll!100339cf() gvc.dll!10033aa1() gvc.dll!10030ce1() graph.dll!0046175e() gvc.dll!10012f46() gvc.dll!10012f5b() dot.exe!0040121a()

[ursoft] ups, forgot to send command line parameters.

1) dot.exe -Tcmapx -ographviz19205.cmapx
2) dot.exe -Tpng -ographviz19206.png
the file attached to 1647 goes to stdin
Owner: arif
Status: *