Number: 1643
Title: HTML-Like Labels aren't supported in Grappa
Submitter: Kaab
Date: Wed May 6 23:04:57 2009
Subsys: Grappa
Version: 2.22
System: x86-Windows-Vista
Severity: minor

I was wondering if grappa supported HTML-Labels ? From my tests, I guess it doesn't. First, I 'm not sure I understand why ? Isn't the rendering done on dot side. I would like some advice if possible in order to assess what it would take to add such a support to grappa. I have enclosed what I'm trying to produce, it works fine locally, but not via grappa. The dot enslosed do not contains edges as I'm only intersted in rendering tables right now.
Input file:
[erg] I'm somewhat surprised as well since, indeed, grappa uses xdot output to draw the nodes, and HTML-like labels use simple and ancient xdot op codes. On the other hand, grappa is legacy code and code does rot. I have cc'ed the author of grappa on this response.

[john] You are confusing Yoix with Grappa... Grappa just uses position information and does most of the rest of the work itself (thus one could draw a graph using Grappa without using dot at all as long as you set the position attribute for the nodes and edges yourself). Yoix uses xdot and should handle everything as expected.

[erg] I was getting my history confused. Grappa predates xdot; it gets its position information from dot, but it does all of the drawing on its own. The pseudo-successor to grappa, yoix (, supports xdot, so should be able to handle anything described by dot. In fact, xdot was created for Yoix.

As to how it hooks up with Graphviz, for that you'll have to check the Yoix documentation. Or, as Stephen suggested, you may find some other tool will serve.
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