Number: 1612
Title: fails to launch
Submitter: jacob etches
Date: Tue Mar 24 15:02:30 2009
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 20090324
System: x86-OSX-10.5.6
Severity: critical
Problem: Upgraded from 1.13 (16) to 2.22. Failed to launch (icon bounced once then vanished). Upgraded to development snapshot, same problem. Log file attached.
Output file: b1612.txt
[north] Glen, it appears that a NIB file is part of the application. Therefore either our installer was corrupted, or the build partially failed, or ... ?

[glen] From your install logs, it seems that the Installer tried to overwrite the older 1.13(16) app to 2.23. It refused to do so because it thinks that 2.23 is too old compared to version 16.0. Unfortunately, the 1.13(16) app was incorrectly labelled with an internal version of 16.0 rather 1.13.

The immediate fix is to delete all 1.xx versions of Graphviz from your system and try to do an install again.
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