Number: 1599
Title: dot's output is blank when scaling
Submitter: Tim Cluff
Date: 10 Mar 2009
Subsys: Output generation
Version: 2.22
System: Windows
Severity: minor
dot's output is blank when scaling by .85 or less (e.g. scaling by 0.846714 works fine, scaling 0.856766 gives me a blank image)

I've tried #2 with PNG and BMP formats.

dot -v
dot - graphviz version 2.22.1 (20090309.2206)
Activated plugin library: gvplugin_pango.dll
Using textlayout: textlayout:cairo
Activated plugin library: gvplugin_dot_layout.dll
Using layout: dot:dot_layout
Activated plugin library: gvplugin_core.dll
Using render: dot:core
Using device: dot:dot:core
The plugin configuration file:
        C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.22\bin\config6
                was successfully loaded.
    render      :  cairo dot fig gd gdiplus map ps svg tk vml vrml xdot
    layout      :  circo dot fdp neato nop nop1 nop2 patchwork twopi
    textlayout  :  textlayout
    device      :  bmp canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dot emf emfplus eps fig gd gd2 gif gv imap imap_np ismap jpe jpeg jpg pdf plain plain-ext p
ng ps ps2 svg svgz tif tiff tk vml vmlz vrml wbmp xdot
    loadimage   :  (lib) bmp eps gd gd2 gif jpe jpeg jpg png ps svg

Input file: b1599.gv
[arif] This is a pango related problem that we have been aware of for a while.

For a quick solution you can use gd to generate the output

dot -Tpng:gd blankOutput.gv -oblank.png

P.S:Because of the lack of anti-aliasing ,your output would look little uglier than what you are used to.

[ellson] I'm trying to understand whats going on in your problem #2.

I think I understand that you're getting blank output for the command:

dot -Tpng blankOutput.gv Is that right?

Could you repeat the command that causes the problem, but add "-v" to that command and save the stderr and the output please? So:

dot -v -Tpng blankOutput.gv -oblankOutput.png >err

then send me "err" and "blankOutput.png"
Owner: arif
Status: *