Number: 159
Title: cant draw a large graph
Submitter: Miroslav Makstenek
Date: Thu Jun 20 06:07:57 2002
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.8.6
System: x86-Other-Win 2000 AS
Severity: minor
Dotty hangs. On the 500-700 nodes works normally. More - hangs. Gives out msgbox "Lefty error", then - "dot fail" and advises to send bug report. The picture and does not appear. Thus in task manager it is visible, that the task loses management, and it should be removed manually.
Input file:
[erg] Since dot is dying and the file is large, it is probable that the user is running out of memory.

With enough memory, the position phase network simplex takes forever. One wonders if the tools shouldn't defend against big graphs. For example, dotty might set the nslimit parameter.
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