Number: 1575
Title: Segmentation fault in neato with len=" 1.0"
Submitter: Andreas Kuntzagk
Date: Fri Feb 13 05:19:07 2009
Subsys: Neato
Version: 2.6
System: x86-Linux-SLES 10
Severity: major
Problem: neato crashes on the example. If I take out the len="1.0" it works.
graph foo {
        graph [overlap=FALSE, outputorder=edgesfirst, bgcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, ratio=fill, splines=TRUE, rank=same, size="20,20"];
        node [style=filled, shape=ellipse, width="0.1", height="0.1", fillcolor=white, fixedsize=TRUE, label="N", color=black, fontcolor=black, fontsize=14];
        edge [color=black, dir=none, weight="1.0", fontcolor=black, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none, fontsize=14, labelfontsize=11, arrowsize=1, style=solid, len="
1.0" ];
        "adr/1369560_at/Gpd1" [label=""];
        "adr/1369919_at/Tef" [label=""];
        "adr/1370746_at/Prkacb" [label=""];
        "adr/1370955_at/Adam10" [label=""];
        "adr/1371104_at/Srebf1" [label=""];
        "adr/1375271_at/Nek9_predicted" [label=""];
         "adr/1371104_at/Srebf1" -- "adr/1375271_at/Nek9_predicted";
[north] Where did you get the installation package you are using?

2.6 is probably your Linux kernel number, not that version of Graphviz you have. What is the output of "neato -V"?

When you say x86-Linux-SLES 10, this seems to be a Novell Enterprise Server. We do not support that platform - we don't even have one of those. The bug is very unusual.

If necessary can you give us an ssh account to log in and try it ourselves?
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