Number: 1564
Title: Crash with ordering=out
Submitter: Thomas Hanneforth
Date: 1 Feb 2009
Subsys: dot
Version: 2.20.3
System: *-*-*
Severity: minor
attached is a file which causes dot (dot -Tpdf -O to crash. If I remove the line "ordering = out" everything is ok.

A second, minor problem: the bounding box in this case is unnecessary big.
What system are you running on?

Oh sorry, I used Win XP SP 2.

>> What do you get when you run dot -V?

dot - Graphviz version 2.20.3 (Wed Oct 8 06:02:12 UTC 2008)

>> Also, the input file you provided didn't have any line "ordering = >> out". I assume this line was just >> in the graph attribute section?

Yes, I send you the wrong file.
Owner: *
Status: *