Number: 1545
Title: graphviz overwrote my file with a blank file
Submitter: Hugo Leung
Date: Wed Dec 31 02:00:28 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: latest
System: *-*-
Severity: critical
Problem: good god this program just fucked me. I was closing my .dot file and it asked me to save, so i did. and then another popup asked me to save again came up. and i clicked yes. So now i'm trying to open it again and its showing 0 bytes. its totally broken. what the hell just happened?
[arif] What Operating System are you using ? It sounds like Windows's GVedit program for Graphviz.

[north] I'm sorry to hear about the problems.

I don't appreciate the use of profanity in a professional setting or anywhere else for that matter.

With probably hundreds of thousands of downloads of this software, whatever went wrong is probably not totally obvious to any of us, and the bug report lacked much in the way of details and my mind-reading skills are not that good. For example, one would might wonder if there was some file system problem. It is possible the disk was full, or that there was a transient operating system error of some kind at the time the data was lost. In fact what was the operating system? What do the kernel or event log messages say around the time that the error occurred?

Because there are only a few people working on this, we really can't provide the same level of support that you might get with a commercial product. You might be more satisfied with tools like Visio, or maybe yEd (from yWorks) or plain old Adobe Illustrator.

Again sorry about the problems and hope not much time was lost on anything important.

[hugo] Thank you for the quick reply. I am using GVedit on windows xp. Part of the problem may have been that I opened up the .dot file in word and it saved it as a word document. I had just saved the program in word and opened it up in gvedit to visualize the graph. Upon closing the graph it asked me to save the .dot file and when I did it became a 0 byte document. I only found out when I opened the file again in graphviz. I wish I had more details so you could recreate the bug. There were no error messages. Additionally, the graph had about 300 nodes and the output was in twopi. Graphviz has been invaluable and I appreciate your work in creating and maintaining the program. I hope this problem is on my end and is not a repeatable bug that will affect other users.
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