Number: 1538
Title: GVedit does not generate a UTF8 file saved by notebad, but dot does.
Submitter: Jaemin Jang
Date: Sat Dec 13 07:49:08 2008
Subsys: GVedit
Version: 2.20.3
System: x86-Windows-Windows 2003
Severity: minor
I saved a dot file with Korean.

As says, no problems. So I tried how to generate a Korean dot file. And I found this.

On the commandline dot support Korean .

dot -Tpng -o Korean-UTF8.png

But I tried to open and generate this in the GVedit. GVedit does not generate dot file

It maybe could be problem with GVedit saving a temporary file from original dot file. Later, GVedit tried to generate with a temporary file.

And now , I tried to use proprocessor setting with iconv win32 to avoid this problem. But I couldn't find .

Who knows how to use preprocessor setting?

Thankx for reading.
Owner: arif
Status: *