Number: 153
Title: arrowhead/tail scaling
Submitter: David O'Shea
Date: Mon May 27 03:18:28 2002
Subsys: Dot
Version: Nightly 27-May-02
System: Sparc-SunOS-Solaris 8
Severity: cosmetic
Problem: Compared to older versions (e.g. 1.7.6), when I use 'arrowtail = dot', the dot is much larger, and when I'm using a port within a record as the tail of the edge, it ends up covering up some of the text. However, if I use 'arrowsize' to decrease the size of the dot, it will decrease the size of the arrowhead, too. It would be good if there were independent scaling options for arrowhead and arrowtail.
digraph test {
        node [
                fontname = "Arial"
                fontsize = 8

        node1 [
                shape = record
                label = "{{blah|blah}|{blah|<xxx>blah}|{blah|blah}}"

        node2 -> node1:xxx [
                arrowhead = dot
Owner: *
Status: Request