Number: 1522
Title: fdp crash (clusters)
Submitter: Alberto Lluch Lafuente
Date: Tue Nov 18 12:48:25 2008
Subsys: Fdp
Version: 2.18 (Wed Aug 6 10:34:31 UTC 2008)
System: x86-Linux-Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit
Severity: critical
Segmentation fault when running

dot -Kfdp

where is the attached dot file.

digraph G { subgraph cluster0e0 { label=A; subgraph cluster1e0 { label=A; cluster2e0 -> cluster2u[label=0] ; cluster2e0 -> cluster2w[label=1] ; cluster2e1 -> cluster2w[label=0] ; cluster2e1 -> cluster2v[label=1] ; cluster2e0[label=a shape=box, color=grey]; cluster2e1[label=a shape=box, color=grey]; cluster2u[label=u shape=oval, color=blue]; cluster2v[label=v shape=oval, color=blue]; cluster2w[label=w shape=oval, color=blue];  } cluster1w-> cluster2w[arrowhead=none,color=grey]; cluster1x-> cluster2u[arrowhead=none,color=grey]; cluster1y-> cluster2v[arrowhead=none,color=grey];  cluster1w[label=w shape=oval, color=blue]; cluster1x[label=x shape=oval, color=blue]; cluster1y[label=y shape=oval, color=blue];  } cluster0w-> cluster1w[arrowhead=none,color=grey]; cluster0x-> cluster1x[arrowhead=none,color=grey]; cluster0y-> cluster1y[arrowhead=none,color=grey]; cluster0e0 -> cluster0x ; cluster0e0 -> cluster0y[label=1] ;  cluster0w[label=w shape=oval, color=blue]; cluster0x[label=x, s
 hape=oval, color=blue]; cluster0y[label=y, shape=oval, color=blue]; }
I have other examples of clusters where fdp crashes.

I have checked similar bugs in the bug list but I did not found a fix.

If I change arrow "cluster0e0 -> cluster0x;" to "cluster1e0 -> cluster0x;" I get no crash.

Thanks a lot.

Comments: [alberto] Regarding bug 1522 that I posted yesterday. I just noticed a much more simpler input model

   digraph G { subgraph cluster1 { } cluster1 -> node1 ; cluster1 -> node2 ;

The problem seems to be in two arrows departing from the same cluster and arriving at different nodes (node1, node2).

Indeed ,

   digraph G { subgraph cluster1 { } cluster1 -> node2 ; cluster1 -> node2 ;

does not crash.

[erg] See bug 1426
Owner: erg
Status: *