Number: 1517
Title: mmemory leaks
Submitter: harry van burik
Date: Sun Nov 16 07:22:13 2008
Subsys: Output
Version: 2.20.3
System: x86-Linux-suse 11.0
Severity: major
Graphviz has 2 memory leaks in gvrender_pango.c the job->context value is filled but in gvjobs.c function gvjobs_delete there is no: if(j->context) cairo_destroy(j->context); (When creating a lot of graphs it uses up a lot of memory.)

in gvtestlayout_pango.c in funtion "pango_textlayout" there is at line 63 "options=cairo_font_options_create();" but after "pango_cairo_context_set_font_options(context, options);" at line 68 there is no "cairo_font_options_destroy(options);"

P.s I don't like it that GvContext has 2 memory leaks but since it is only called once I can live with it.
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