Number: 1472
Title: rankdir="LR" causes various crashes and drawing errors
Submitter: Nick Wimpney
Date: Oct 8, 2008
Subsys: dot
Version: 2.20.2
System: x86-Debian sid
Severity: major
Problem: with rankdir set to "LR", on some large graphs I got an "Aborted" error with no other info. On a small graph it completes, but connections in the same rank aren't drawn.
graph testgraph {
       A1 -- A2;
       A1 -- B1;
       A2 -- B2;

       { rank = min; A1 A2 }
       { rank = same; B1 B2 }

Comments: There seem to be several other rankdir "LR" bugs open. They're probably all related, but most are overcomplicating the circumstances.
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