Number: 1450
Title: VRML: missing label on arrows
Submitter: Jocelyn Paine
Date: Tue Sep 23 13:04:19 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.14.1
System: *-*-*
Severity: minor
Label on arrows is missing.

Dot command: dot -Tvrml -otest.wrl

digraph  {
       p [label="CP={<1,c>, <1,d>, <2,a>, <2,b>, <2,c>, <2,d>, <2,e>}"];
       a [label="A={c, d}"];
       p -> a [label="Arrow"];
Output file: b1450.wrl
[ellson] Does this problem still exist in a recent release?

[jocelyn] Yes, the bug is also in 2.20.2, installed by my ISP on 12th September or thereabouts. Sorry, should have said. If there's a later version of GraphViz out, I can try it on that tomorrow when I'm on a better connection.

You can see the bug live if you press one of the first 4 buttons or the final button on , and then goto the [diagram as VRML] link under the image that will appear. That's using 2.20.2.

[ellson] Ah, OK, yes, there are no edge labels in 3d vrml output. Node labels are gif images wrapped onto solid node shapes. Do you have a suggestion for where edge labels show be put in 3d ?

Better yet, the solution to this bug has to be in the form of code added to just one file: plugin/gd/gvrender_gd_vrml.c

Would you care to offer a patch?
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