Number: 1448
Title: reproducible crash on specific diagrams
Submitter: Gissehel
Date: Mon Sep 22 08:23:51 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20
System: *-*-*
Severity: critical
dot crash for some graphs. Very small changes to the input change the behavior. It may or may not crash.

Tested on two different computers (same profile, windows XP, official build 2.20) When an input file crash on a computer, it crash on every computers and every time. When an input file works on a computer, it works every time on every computer.

output is PNG (didn't test anything else, it may doesn't matter or not)

An old 1.10 dot for windows doesn't crash on this input.

The associated input crash. just change XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0025 in the label of line 200 to XXX0025 and it doesn't crash anymore.

There are some other way to make it not crash (for exemple commenting lines 38 and 40).
Input file:
Owner: *
Status: *