Number: 1434
Title: dot -Tjpg renders extremely bad quality and colors (on Mac OSX 10.5)
Submitter: Fred Spiessens
Date: Sun Sep 7 04:43:57 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20.2
System: x86-OSX-10.5.4
Severity: minor
dot -Tjpg renders extremely bad quality and colors

note that dot -Tps, -Teps, -Tsvg, and -Tpdf all seem to work perfect.

thanks, your work is much appreciated. Fred.

digraph G{
1 [label="read" color=white fontcolor="red" ]
2 [label="write" color=white fontcolor="green" ]
3 [label="access" color=black fontcolor="black" ]
History- Everything worked OK in dot 2.18 after John (and Glenn?) fixed bug 1367 (by adding PEN_DOTTED and PEN_DASHED style to the Quartz renderer).

Relevance- I use dot -Tjpg to generate jpg files and show them in the GUI of my tool.

[ellson] If you run "dot -Tjpg:" (i.e. with a trailing ':' ) you should get a list of alternate jpg renderers. The first one is the default that you are using. Is it "jpg:quartz:quartz" ?

Could you do the following please? Assuming your test graph is called foo.gv, run:

   dot -v -Tjpg foo.gv >foo.jpg 2>foo.err
and send me both foo.jpg and foo.err.

As a work around, you can try any of the alternatives (if there are any?). If you have it, try:

   dot -Tjpg:cairo

Generally, jpg is not a particularly good format for line drawings because of its lossy compression. It tends to blur lines and fonts. Usually png is a better choice.
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