Number: 1406
Title: Graphviz on OS X no longer automatically reloads changed graphs
Submitter: Eric Hodel
Date: Thu Jul 31 17:32:32 2008
Subsys: Mac GUI
Version: 2.18
System: x86-OSX-10.5.4
Severity: minor
In a previous version of Graphviz (1.14, IIRC) touching or saving a graph Graphviz was displaying would cause Graphviz to automatically lay the graph out again from the updated file. Graphviz no longer has this behavior.

Steps to reproduce:

$ echo "digraph { "a" -> "b"; }" > $ open $ echo "digraph { "a" -> "b" -> "c"; }" >

Expected results:

Graphviz displays the graph with nodes a, b and c instead of just a and b.

Actual results:

Graphviz still shows the graph with nodes a and b only.

Re-opening the graph does not cause the graph to be re-loaded from disk:

$ open

Graphviz gets focus but does not update the graph, only nodes a and b are shown.

Closing the graph (cmd-w) and running:

$ open

Will re-display the graph.
I found this feature useful for generating a graph from a command line script and seeing what has changed. [] Did you try the experimental snapshots at or did you use 2.20.2?

[glen.low]If you open the graph in TextEdit and edit it there, does the graph automatically update in Graphviz? Is your hard disk formatted as HFS/HFS+ or some other format e.g. UFS?
Owner: glen.low
Status: *