Number: 1363
Title: gv_php_init.cpp doesn't build with php-5.2.6.
Submitter: Pawel
Date: Fri May 23 08:08:13 2008
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.18
System: x86-Linux-
Severity: major

gv_php_init.cpp: In function 'size_t gv_php_writer(const char*, int)':
gv_php_init.cpp:9: error: 'tsrm_ls' was not declared in this scope

the .cpp source expands to:

(...) static size_t gv_php_writer (const char *s, int len) { return php_body_write((s), (len) , tsrm_ls); ^^^^^^^ this is undeclared here. } (...)

[ellson] At first glance, this bug seems to belong to php; or possibly to swig but php is the one that has changed, so I suggest reporting it to them first.

I don't have php-5.2.6 yet on Rawhide, so I can't test. It works fine with php-5.2.5-7.
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