Number: 1360
Title: Bus error from flat edges in mincross
Submitter: Jefim
Date: Mon May 19 05:46:38 2008
Subsys: dot
Version: 2.19
System: x86-Linux-ubuntu 7.04
Severity: major
cant load graph to display in dotty versions:

dotty version 96c (09-24-96)
lefty version 10 Mar 2005
graphviz version 2.8 (Wed Dec 20 14:50:18 UTC 2006)

Input file:
pls tell me if there is something wrong with the dotty file attached or this is the problem in the dotty software

[erg] This is actually an error in dot during mincross.

This is a bug which we have to fix, but it is related to the many flat edges in your graph, induced by setting constraint=false in most of your edges. Is this the effect you really want? If not, removing the constraint=false attributes should allow the graph to be laid out.
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