Number: 1347
Title: Dot fails to process graph with rankdir=LR and landscape=true
Submitter: Art Green
Date: Sun May 4 16:42:33 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.18
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
If a graph (a digraph in my example) has both rankdir=LR and landscape=true attributes set, the graph will draw downwards (as if the graph has been rotated 90 degrees) and the output will either be very dirty (not correct) or completely blank. If the same DOT source is passed to dotty or OmniGraffle, the graph draws correctly. This has been confirmed on Mac OS X 10.5 and recent Ubuntu and FreeBSD builds of graphviz. This can be worked around by removing the landscape attribute.
// Produces blank (or corrupt) "downward" graph
digraph "testgraph" {
graph [ rankdir=LR, landscape=true ];
A -> B

// Produces correct graph as expected
digraph "testgraph" {
graph [ rankdir=LR ];
A -> B
[elllson] The output of: "dot -Tpng" looks correct to me? (attached)

The output of dotty looks like it is ignoring landscape=true since it is not rotated on the screen. Not a big deal, since landscape mode is not particularly useful on a screen. Its mostly intended for printing.

What output format are you using?
Fix: Workaround listed in problem description.
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Status: *