Number: 1333
Title: Label Exceeds node in GIF
Submitter: Benjamin Petrin
Date: Fri Apr 11 11:20:21 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.12
System: x86-Linux-Fedora 7
Severity: major
Problem: When a large label is used for a node, the label will exceed the node boundary when exporting as GIF. This can be reproduced in all programs (Dot, Neato, twopi...etc).
 digraph g {
	"test" [shape=box,label="this is the very long label that causes problems"];
I'm writing nodes that represent computers on a network and the hostnames are being clipped, so this is not unrealistic.

[ellson] I cannot reproduce this with the current stable release, graphviz-2.18. Please upgrade. We have rpms for Fedora-7 at:
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