Number: 1303
Title: Multi-image output to non-PS formats for multi-layer graph
Submitter: Max Alekseyev
Date: Tue Mar 4 23:49:44 2008
Subsys: Neato
Version: 2.16
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
It would be useful to output a multi-layer graph into a sequence of images (one per a layer). In particular, this feature would allow to use output formats that do not support multi-page content.

Also, it would be also useful to have a command line option that specifies a particular layer for output.

Thanks, Max
[ellson] You can generate multiple layer images into any output format that allows multiple images. At the moment this is -Tps and -Tswf (if graphviz is built with libming). I think SVG could support multiple pages, but thats not implemented yet.

-Tpng doesn't support multiple images in a single file, AFAIK. Some possibilies:

      - extend funtionality of -O to generate a uniquely named png image file for each layer.
      - add support for -Tmng
      - add support for the animated GIF format (what is it called?)
      - extend SVG support to multiple pages.
All these options just require some coding. All the hooks are in place at the plugin interface to provide layers to any format that can handle them.

For now I recommend that you use -Tps for layered, or other multipage, graphs.
Owner: *
Status: Request