Number: 1291
Title: dot fails to layout/render correctly vertical records with fields
Submitter: Silvio Cesare
Date: Tue Feb 19 08:26:10 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.14.1
System: x86-Windows-
Severity: cosmetic
dotty fails to layout/render a graph when using record fields. The edges connecting the fields overwrite the nodes in the graph.
Digraph G {
        node [shape=record];
        A [label = "{<0> A | <1> B"}];
        B [label = "{<0> C | <1> D"}];
        A:1 -> B:0;
        B:1 -> A:0;
[erg] At present, edges to ports will cross the node containing the port. This can be avoided by adding a compass point to the port, such a B:0:e.

At some point, we should add a boundary notation, so that edge routing will look for ports on the node's boundary and route the edge to some appropriate side.
Owner: erg
Status: Fixed