Number: 1266
Title: "ordering=out" does not work
Submitter: Carsten Ziegert
Date: Tue Jan 8 12:10:56 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.12-4ubuntu3
System: x86-Linux-Ubuntu 7-10
Severity: minor
The attribute "ordering=out" does not seem to have the desired effect. Example: In the left cluster ("Niger", see files attached), the order should be "bms, krt, kby", according to the order in gv. Unfortunately, the output results to "kby, krt, bms". Any help will greatly be appreciated.
Input file:
Output file: b1266.png
[north] It appears that clusters and ordered edges don't go together very well. Probably they should but it's obviously not debugged. Meanwhile you could just introduce flat edges within each cluster as needed, e.g.

edge [style=invis, constraint=false] bms -> krt -> kby
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