Number: 1265
Title: no edit in DotEdit (dot -Tgtk)
Submitter: Enrico Segre
Date: Tue Jan 8 06:17:08 2008
Subsys: Dot
Version: -2.16.1-1.fc6
System: x86-Linux-centOS5
Severity: major
dot -Tgtk opens the graph in the DotEdit window, but actions inside it are very limited - too much for an "editor"

I can zoom and pan with mouse-wheel and drag-btn2 respectively.

I can hover over nodes or arrow - they become light grey as the mouse passes on them.

I can also "select" arrows and nodes (which become of a lighter grey) by btn1-click, but not "unselect" nodes.

No item in the menu Edit seems to work.

The menu View is empty.

No other obvious keyboard or mouse gesture I could think of has any apparent result.

Said that, truly impressive work anyway...

echo "digraph G {Hello->World}" | dot -Tgtk  #suffices
Comments: [ellson] Sorry. Its still a work in progress...
Owner: ellson
Status: Request