Number: 1237
Title: fonts not found by dot
Submitter: Keith Davies
Date: Fri Nov 23 02:09:39 2007
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.12
System: x86-Linux-gentoo
Severity: major
Fonts are not found when trying to render a graph.

"Times New Roman" and "Times-Roman" are both mapped to "[internal times]" according to $ dot -v -T png -o outfile.png

$ fc-match "Times New Roman" times.ttf: "Times New Roman" "Normal"

$ fc-match Times-Roman timR12.pcf.gz: "Times" "Regular"

As far as I can tell, fontconfig can find fonts for these font specifications. dot seems to be *ignoring* them.

I have observed this with graphviz 2.8 and 2.12. 2.6 is the last version of graphviz I have seen work under gentoo.


digraph G
  Root [label="LLiiiiiiiiiiLL"]

// this is the same example as #1087.  Copied directly, in fact.
This is evidently the same problem described in #1087. #1087 is marked 'fixed', despite, AFAICT, nothing having been done and the *font found by fontconfig* *not being used*.

I'm pretty sure 'update fontconfig' is not the answer. fontconfig is finding the font files just fine.
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