Number: 1214
Title: using ports causes edges to cross
Submitter: Laszlo Nemeth
Date: Mon Oct 22 08:56:56 2007
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.8
System: x86-Linux-debian
Severity: minor
dot -Tps

I'm trying to draw a singly linked circular list. The code below works as expected, and puts the link from the 'tail' back to 'head' nicely below the list. Switch se to ne and sw to nw for d -> a, now the arrow goes nuts and criss-crosses the list. I would expect the arrow to go above the list.

Tried a couple of variations, dropping the constraint=false, dropping splines=true, none of them solves the problem.

digraph L
              node [shape=record,label="{<d> data|<n> next}"];
              subgraph ns {
                a:n -> b:d;
                b:n -> c:d;
                c:n -> d:d;
              d:n:se -> a:d:sw [constraint=false,splines=true];
Comments: Thanks for graphviz. Best regards, Laszlo Nemeth
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