Number: 1194
Title: Undefined symbol "gd_alternate_fontlist"
Submitter: Denis Kachurin
Date: Mon Sep 17 09:42:26 2007
Subsys: Build
Version: Graphviz version 2.14.1 (Mon Sep 17 13:27:14 UTC 2007)
System: x86-Unix-6.2 release
Severity: critical
after install i run dot with command line:

/usr/local/bin/dot -Tpng -o /usr/local/www/sandbox/data/media/graphviz/ed88854cd743be6fb7bb7e3240e356a5.png /tmp/dokuwiki.graphvizddDFx0
and receive this output:
/libexec/ /usr/local/lib/graphviz/ Undefined symbol "gd_alternate_fontlist"

digraph DokuWikiParser {
        node [style=rounded, fontname=Arial, fontsize=13];
        edge [fontname=Arial, fontsize=11];
         P  [label=Parser,        shape=box, pin=false, pos="0,0"];
        H  [label=Handler,       shape=box, pin=true, pos="3,20"];
        CC [label="Client privet Code sdjkh skhfksdj ksjhf sdjkfh n skdjfh skfh skdjfh ksjhf ksjhf sdf", shape=box, pin=true, pos="-50,50"];
        L  [label=Lexer,         shape=box, pin=true, pos="0,0"];
        M  [label=Modes,         shape=box, pin=true, pos="1,1"];

        CC -> P [label="Input String"];
        H -> CC [label="RendernInstructions"];
        P -> L  [label="Modesn+nInput String"];
        L -> H  [label=Tokens];
        L -> M  [arrowhead=none];
[ellson] For some reason the libgd you are using isn't finding fontconfig.

Do you have fontconfig-devel installed?

If you are using the system version of libgd (probably, if your libgd is >=2.0.34 ) was it built with fontconfig support? (run: "/usr/bin/gdlib-config --features" and look for GD_FONTCONFIG)

Also check for freetype-devel and GD_FREETYPE

You shouldn't need gd_alternate_fontlist() if you have fontfconfig support, but I admit to being somewhat confused still about how you got this error since gd_alternate_fontlist() is provided in plugin/gd/gvtextlayout_gd.c and referenced as an extern from plugin/gd/gvrender_gd.c in the same library. The symbol should have been resolved internally to the library.
Owner: ellson
Status: *