Number: 1184
Title: more than 508 images inside htmllabels ==> No or improper image file
Submitter: Laura Dietz
Date: Fri Aug 31 13:24:35 2007
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.14
System: *-Windows-XP
Severity: major
I use a dot file containing nodes with html labels, where the label contains an <img src="D:....tmixNNNN.gif"> tag to embed the image inside the node's shape.

Usually, this works fine. But if I have many nodes I get the following error message for nodes in line numbers > 512 .oO( eh.. that number looks familiar )

Warning: "D:Dietzhubcvsphddatabugs-citesimagetmix59813.gif" was not found
 as a file or as a shape library member
Error: No or improper image file="D:Dietzhubcvsphddatabugs-citesimagetmix
in label of node 586107

command line: dot -Tgif -ox.gif


digraph 624920 {
nodesep=0.4; ranksep=0.4;
size = "20,100";
470329[label = <<FONT POINT-SIZE="25"> <table border="0"  width="50" ><tr border="0"><td border="0">470329 </td></tr><tr border="0"><td border="0">What Every Computer<br/>Scientist Should<br/>Know About ...<br/></td></tr><tr border="0"><td border="0"><img src="D:Dietzhubcvsphddatabugs-citesimagetmix65008.gif"></img></td></tr></table></FONT>>,shape=box,fillcolor=floralwhite,style="filled,rounded,setlinewidth(2)"];
693195[label = <<FONT POINT-SIZE="25"> <table border="0"  width="50" ><tr border="0"><td border="0">693195 Blei,<br/>Moreno </td></tr><tr border="0"><td border="0">Topic Segmentation<br/>with an Aspect<br/>Hidden Markov<br/>... </td></tr><tr border="0"><td border="0"><img src="D:Dietzhubcvsphddatabugs-citesimagetmix65009.gif"></img></td></tr></table></FONT>>,shape=box,fillcolor=floralwhite,style="filled,rounded,setlinewidth(2)"];

line no 513 (508'th node) causes the bug
Owner: *
Status: *