Number: 1161
Title: dotty
Submitter: Jakob Lichtenberg
Date: Thu Jul 26 15:55:58 2007
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: 2.12
System: *-Windows-
Severity: major
I upgraded from an old version of Graphiz (don't know exact version number) to 2.12.

I noticed the following regression: Dotty no longer works.

Specifically, "dotty" fails. First I get the following error message: "dotty.lefty:", then when I click OK I get the following error message: "draw language parser error: 18", then when I click OK I get the first error message again and so forth.

The file is unchanged between old version and 2.12, so this must be a regression to dotty.

Now, I read that dotty is on 'low development' and that's understandable, but something must have been changed that broke it? Suggest reverting back to earlier version that can parse or maybe fix the newly introduced bug.
[north] What version of Windows is this? Windows Vista?

The latest development version of dotty works fine for me (e.g. dotty on a Windows XP laptop.

[jl] I just double checked.

This bug reproduces with 2.12 on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The old version (that I do not have the exact version number of) does not have this issue, neither on XP nor on Vista.

As a consequence: I do not believe that this is tied to a particular OS version.

Would you mind trying to repro with graphviz-2.12.exe to see if you can repro, please?
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