Number: 1144
Title: abnormal program termination(2)
Submitter: Haga Taketo
Date: Wed Jun 13 01:48:19 2007
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.12/2.13.20070608.0440
System: *-*-*
Severity: critical
Thank you for dealing with the issue which I reported previously, but there is still remain "abnormal program termination" problem.

The DOT input which I sent last time was the part of larger one. Both Dot.exe 2.12 and 2.13.20070608.0440 show "abnormal program termination" when the original version is input.

I attached two input for DOT (gzip compressed tar). is reduced one, and it makes Dot.exe 2.13.20070608.0440 crashed. However, it accepted normally by 2.12. "" is original version before reduction.

[erg] I find that the reduced version also fails on 2.12. Input file:
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Status: *