Number: 1131
Title: Problem creating fixed position networks
Submitter: Eduardo Lopez
Date: Mon May 14 00:49:27 2007
Subsys: Neato
Version: neato version 2.2.1 (Thu Apr 6 00:32:47 UTC 2006)
System: *-Linux-
Severity: major
I am trying to create a movie of a network as it grows. In order to do this, I first go to the final form of the network and let neato figure out the positions. Then I take these positions and use them in the earlier stages of the network growth so that these positions will remain fixed until the final frame of the movie.

To attempt to create the frames, I've used two commands:

1) neato -Tpng -o frame0100.png 2) neato -Tpng -n2 -o frame0100.png

In using command 1), I imposed the positions of the nodes by writing them in the form pos="x,y!" where x,y are taken from the final frame, in my case frame1000.

THE ERROR I get is:

Error: gdImageCreate returned NULL. Malloc problem?

which you have described in bug report number 904 probably being due to an integer being larger than 231. I suspect this is true because I also get the message:

neato: allocating a -1244933K PaletteColor GD image

It all makes sense given that at the beginning my network is small and there's a lot of white around it, just like mentioned in report 904.

The issue is that I indeed need it to be this way until I've grown the whole network to its final size in order to see how it grows.

I cannot share the network information without a major hassle since there is information which requieres disclosures I do not approve.

I'd appreciate help. Thanks,
[erg] First, please try updating to a more recent version of Graphviz. Version 2.2 is over 2 years old. Also, in 2.2, it was necessary to use the -s option to indicate the scale factor involved. Without it, the numbers could get large. In more recent versions, the default scale factor is set more sanely, so the -s is not necessary.
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