Number: 1073
Title: Problem with ocaml bindings
Submitter: simon bailey
Date: Tue Jan 30 11:01:25 2007
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.13
System: x86-Linux-
Severity: major
i tried building the graphviz rpm today on a RHEL5beta2 fresh install. I ran into bug 1036. ocaml version was ocaml-3.09.3. downgrading to ocaml-3.09.2 resolved this problem. looks like the problem might not be in the swig generated code.

rpm versions: swig-1.3.29-1.fc6, ocaml-3.09.2-1.RHEL4WS

Comments: [erg] This is the same as bug 1036

[north] All I can say is that it builds OK on an updatedFC6 which has ocaml-3.09.3-1.fc6.i386

This is why they call it "beta2"? Maybe report the trouble to Redhat?

[simon] i have just run into the same problem using ocaml-3.09.3-1.fc6.src on a RHEL4 x86_64 installation.
Fix: downgrade from ocaml-3.09.3 to ocaml-3.09.2
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